MINDS Education

MINDS provides educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Data science is one of the key elements that define today’s society in the digital era. Data is everywhere and the demand for data science is high in various areas. MIDNS provides students multiple programs through which students can learn the theoretical aspects of data science and also learn skills to apply the theoretical tools to real-world problems. MINDS programs help students to learn how to understand, interpret, and apply data and to become a data scientist who has a strong background both in theory and application. 

MINDS Summer Intensive Data Science Research School

MINDS organizes an intensive summer school on data science every summer starting August in 2021. Each summer, MINDS collects 3 to 4 important mathematical problems of data science arising from industry, government, or faculty’s specific research areas. MINDS, then, selects 3 to 4 mentors who are the experts on those problems and will advise students at the summer school.  3 to 4 research teams will be formed based on those proposed problems, each led by the mentor. Each team is composed of the mentor(s) and students. MINDS summer school runs for 2 or 3 weeks and students are invited to and stay at POSTECH during the school. Due to covid-19, the summer school may run online – the final decision will be announced soon. Students who are interested in joining the school need to apply through the application form in MINDS web site (which will be provided soon). 

MINDS Research Projects in Humanitarian Data Science

MINDS is collaborating with several data science institutions including UN Global Pulse. MINDS provides several projects that students can be involved for the subjects in humanitarian data science. The goal of humanitarian data science research projects is to promote students to humanitarian data science and to help students to learn how to use data science tools to better understand our local and global society and help our society to solve various social issues. This program will provide students opportunities to learn hands-on methodology to apply the data science to social issues and to serve people and society through data science. Possible research projects will be posted in MINDS page regularly. Interested students are encouraged to join one of these projects. 

MINDS Internship in Data Science

MINDS is maintaining partnerships with industry and local municipal government in the areas of data science. MINDS is developing internship positions for students in each MINDS partner, and students are encouraged to apply for the internship program. The internship program provides opportunities for students to lean more about real-world data science problems and to get involved in the projects run to solve practical issues. 

MINDS Student Research Grant Program (MINDS SRGP)

MINDS encourages students to be involved in data science research. To promote the data science research, MINDS runs Student Research Grant Program(SRGP). Each year, SRGP awards research fund to a student or a group of students who submits the research proposal to MINDS. The executive committee of MINDS will review students’ proposals and fund the selected proposal(s). The selected research team will receive mentorship from MINDS faculty members, postdocs or senior graduate students besides the research funding. Interested students are encouraged to apply. The detailed information about SRGP will be announced and, until then, interested students may contact MINDS at minds-1@postech.ac.kr.