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MINDS Seminar Series | Hee-Kap Ahn (POSTECH) - Voronoi diagrams in the presence of obstacles

Date 2022-05-03 ~ 2022-05-03 Time 17:00:00 ~ 18:00
Speaker Hee-Kap Ahn Affiliation POSTECH
Place Online streaming (Zoom) Streaming link ID : 688 896 1076 / PW : 54321
Topic Voronoi diagrams in the presence of obstacles
Contents A Voronoi diagram is a fundamental geometric structure that partitions space into regions based on the distance to points in a specific subset of the space. Due to the structural and combinatorial properties, Voronoi diagrams have applications in many fields, including geometry, informatics, biology, engineering, and architecture. In this talk, we will review the concept and properties of Voronoi diagrams and the recent progress in computing Voronoi diagrams, especially in the presence of obstacles.